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Unique in Ireland, the City Edge Project is a transformative initiative, re-imagining the Naas Road, Ballymount and Park West areas in Dublin. Creating a new urban space, it has the potential for 40,000 new homes and 75,000 jobs, making it one of the largest regeneration schemes in Europe.
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The City Edge International Conference events and Project Presentation events took place over two weeks in September 2021. If you would like to look back, or didn’t get a chance first time round, you can visit our Video Hub where all four events are available to view.

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information hub

All documents detailing the work to date and the emerging preferred scenario are available to view at our information hub.

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about the project + next steps
what is the city edge project

The City Edge Project represents the most significant housing and economic opportunity ever undertaken in the Dublin Region and has the potential to be one of the largest and most transformational regeneration projects in Europe.

Located in the Naas Road, Ballymount and Park West areas of Dublin, this 700 hectare landbank is currently well served by public transport and located in close proximity to Dublin City Centre. Today the area is home to a thriving employment base with 1,500 businesses and some 25,000 employees, along with 5,000 residents living in well-established communities. Over time this area could be more intensely used with the potential to provide a new urban quarter accommodating up to 40,000 n homes and 75,000 jobs.

In response to National Policy, this project sees Dublin City and South Dublin County Council working together to plan for a sustainable and resilient future for this area, the people who live and work there, but also setting out how this area could play an important role in supporting a sustainable future for Dublin.

The City Edge Project will provide a framework for the future growth of this area. Work on this commenced in July 2020 and is funded under the Government’s Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF). The current Phase of the Project, (Phase 1) has two stages: i) Baseline Analysis, which has been completed and ii) Strategic Framework to inform the sustainable development of the area, into the future.

the emerging vision

The emerging vision for the City Edge Project

To create a new mixed use and climate resilient high density urban quarter in the city, where the citizens of the Greater Dublin Area will be able to access affordable homes, live close to where they work, in an area home to outstanding public amenities and public transport services. Building upon its rich history of employment, the area will support the retention, consolidation and the creation of new employment opportunities, culminating in the creation of a self-sustaining and integrated part of the city, where family, community, visitors and the economy can prosper in a distinctive Dublin setting.

what’s happening now

Public Consultation

The Project team will incorporate feedback and refine and finalise the City Edge Strategic Framework based on a preferred scenario by December 2021, concluding Phase 1 of the project.

what’s next


Phase 2, the Plan Making phase of the project will commence in early 2022 and see the preparation of a statutory plan that will be based on this stage of work.

Following the preparation of the Plan, the final Implementation Phase (Phase 3), will commence where key projects of the Plan required for delivering change will be brought forward for planning permission, detailed design and construction.

details of live online events

Live events took place over a 2 week period in late September of 2021.

Those videos are available to view here.

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