City Edge Strategic Framework

In response to National and Regional Policy to make better use of land and accommodate projected population growth close to and within cities, a Strategic Framework for the future sustainable growth of the area has been prepared under Phase 1 of the City Edge Project.

Following detailed analysis of the area and public consultation on a Preferred Scenario, the City Edge Strategic Framework was noted by the Elected Members of South Dublin County Council and Dublin City Council in May and June 2022 respectively, and is now available to view.

The purpose of the Strategic Framework is to set out a high-level approach and transformational trajectory for the regeneration of a new liveable, sustainable and climate resilient urban quarter. In summary, this non-statutory document:

  • Sets out high-level strategies for the regeneration of City Edge, including an overarching vision and strategic objectives;
  • Proposes the delivery of strategic infrastructure including streets, parks, public transport and utilities;
  • Outlines a series of priority actions in the areas of legislation, policy, funding and infrastructure to facilitate the future development of City Edge;
  • Seeks the support of government departments and state agencies including alignment of relevant policies and programmes and allocation of funding in order to deliver the City Edge vision; and
  • Provides a context for the preparation of a statutory plan to provide more detailed guidance for the future development of the area

The Strategic Framework does not represent a plan or framework for development consent and will be followed by a more comprehensive Statutory Plan, which will guide development at a finer level of detail.

Summary Booklet – City Edge Strategic Framework

The key aspects of the Strategic Framework Document are highlighted in a Summary Booklet, which distils down the co-ordinated approach to rejuvenating the City Edge Area and delivering a sustainable and compact urban quarter at scale where people will want to live, work, and socialise.

Strategic Framework - Supporting Studies

International Best Practice Housing Review

An international best practice housing review was commissioned to accompany and inform the City Edge Project Strategic Framework’s approach to dwelling mix, tenure mix and dwelling design. A series of international best practice case studies are examined from the perspective of creating a Liveable City and identifying recommendations.

International Best Practice Housing Review

Economic Strategy

The Economic Strategy that accompanies the Strategic Framework helps establish a long term economic direction of travel for the City Edge Project by way of reviewing the area’s economic profile and identifying existing and emerging growth sectors that are a best fit for the area, down to a neighbourhood/district level. A series of recommendations to create the optimal conditions for the necessary economic growth are also set out.

Economic Strategy

Transport Modelling Technical Report

The Transport a Modelling Technical Report sets out the methodology behind the assessment and development of the Movement Strategy for the City Edge Strategic Framework.  This report describes the process and results from the modelling and appraisal of the transport network for City Edge for all travel modes (public transport, walking, cycling, car and freight) using the National Transport Authority’s (NTA) Eastern Regional Model (ERM) as well as the Travel Demand Management Measures that were incorporated into the process.

Transport Modelling Report

Climate Action Study

The Climate Action Study undertakes a review of the policy and guidance context for addressing climate change before setting out a series of propositions to inform the themes contained in the City Edge Strategic Framework. This is followed by an Energy Profile of the area and investigation into Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Measures that would help address the climate responsibilities and hazards facing the City Edge Project.

Climate Action Study

Seveso Constraints Study

The Seveso Constraints Study appraise existing Seveso Sites within the City Edge Project Area and considers the implications for the next stages of the project by way of reviewing recently published HSA technical guidelines, updating baseline information on Seveso sites and outlining the next steps in the form of a series of actions.

Seveso Constraints Study

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Report (SFRA)

A Stage 1 and 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) has been prepared to inform the approach of the City Edge Strategic Framework from the perspective of surface water management and natural infrastructure. The SFRA identifies and maps key area that are at risk of flooding before setting out a series of policy recommendations to manage flood risk and surface water across the City Edge Project Area.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Report

Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP)

The Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) builds on the SFRA and informs the approach of the Strategic Framework to natural infrastructure by way of suggesting a series of interventions in the form of a connected Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS). This is followed by an illustration of the approach under the City Edge Strategic Framework and the presentation of the results of surface water network hydraulic modelling.

Surface Water Management Plan
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